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This is my 1st oversea country that i visit HK.

And i glad i able to enjoy Arashi-one love song during symphony of light at star ferry port


Tomorrow i will back to Malaysia
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Sho-kun γŠγŸγ‚“γ˜γ‚‡γ†γ€‚
Happy red day minna. I do great today....and hope everyone also have a great day.

Sho-kun i learn a lot from you. You show me , that although you already in the top, you must cherish the people around you and respect evryone..old or young, sempai or kouhai, member and staff

I hope you will be bless with happiness.

Thank you for all your afford as shadow leader of arashi, mother of arashi, fan of arashi

Thank you

Sho-kun, sho-chan, sakurai-san, shotan,


Picture credit to the owner
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Yay, it's ohno 36th birthday....


36th birthday

When i'm into fandom...he still in his 20th

That show how much the time have pass



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I just have time to post for Arashi 17th Anniversary.
Actually, i don't have anything more to say as most what i though already been told by others Arashian post.


Thank you Arashi...for stay strong.
Keep up the good work.

I already impressed with myself as i can stay continue to love this 5 dork β€πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ
...for this 8 year long
I wonder, how long this love can be lasted.
Although there is no such a thing will stay forever...
But, i want to enjoy it as much as i can.

Arashi-kun.. deai ni yukatta
And it never change....

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Happy 59th Independant Day to all Malaysian.

I'm glad I'm Malaysian ( Although i always feel Japan is my second home ^^)
To be able to born to peace,stable country like Malaysia... it such a bless...
This country is not perfect...there is still far better country from Malaysia
More richest, more stable, more developed..
We still not having gold medalist in Olympic
Allow me proudly say it in this peacefull day.....I LOVE MY COUNTRY !!!
May Allah always protect this beautiful land

Happy Independant Day again Malaysian

Dear Arashi & Arashian...please have a visit to Malaysia !!
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Thank you for born as fine man
Thank you for your great acting
Thank you for joining 塐
Thank you for your enthusiasm
And without you
I will never know the others in arashi.
γƒ›γƒ³γƒˆγ« γ‚γ‚ŠγŒγ¨γ†γ€‚

Actually, i had bad memory on August 30th
But because you born in this day
I can forget it
Thank you again.

Hope you will have a blast birthday celebration.
Please allow other arashi member to throw the party for youπŸ˜‚
They are dying to do soo πŸ˜…

And again...

Matsujun, H!B!D!

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Today mark Eid Mubarak celebrate by Muslim all around the world after completed fasting in the month of Ramadhan.

Just want to wish all Muslim....Happy Eid Mubarak & please forgive me..if there is anything that i might offended you.....maaf zahir & batin

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Nino, otanjobe omedetou....i just feel like i need to post something about u.

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I don't know where to start. I already in my 2nd years of my master study.i feel i can't make it. Before start this master programmed , no doubt i really love this field.... but along the become subject that very alien within me. i don't know why. Maybe because my physiology age...make me feel this way. i really don't know *sigh

When u take your always hope for the best...but the thing that happen is very differ that i tough....i turn to the person i know that is totally not me...i feel depress, i hate to wake up and go to class....although after that i went....but everything that being taught not registered in my mind....i feel stupid......very stupid

I always think to give up...but i'm thinking of my sisters that look up for me....i put the tought just for myself

and keep playing...Arashi's Your Hero, we can make it, fight song in my mind....
I hope i can find back my passion.....

if you happen to read this.....i hope you can pray for my success

onegaishimas....m(_ _)m

Menjoye Grpolev

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I'm not really a fan of SMAP. But they make a quite significant contribution in my life as JPOP & JDRAMA lovers.
So their disband news circle in the news affecting me a lot...

I love Takuya Kimura drama- he is among my lifetime favorite Japanese actor. i do enjoy other member's drama
SMAP: yozora no mukou is among 1st Japanese song that i start singing fluently...
Nakai VS OHNO is unforgettable
We will don't have AIBA without SMAP
.....and many others

I'm not sure Iijima VS Mary/Julie faction is true or not. I will not play finger pointing here whether Jimusho is the villian or SMAP/Iijima themselve. For me i think jimusho do all this thing maybe to dissolve the 'faction' in Johnny and want to know where SMAP stand actually.

i do remember arashi come a lot to SMAP variety program before rumors of the faction inside Johnny raise few years ago.

But it really pain to see they do deep bow to apologize today in front of live tv

So to SMAP and to SMAP fan out there.....gambate was definitely not easy road ahead....but our pray is for you. be strong !!

i hope in the future i can see SMAP smile. Whether they decide to continue or to disband...i will keep supporting them. i own to them a lot... Arigato SMAP-san

Lastly, Omedetou for your 25th anniversary....
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Dear Ohno-kun...

There is soo many think i want to talk with you..but 1st ohno-kun, おθͺ•η”Ÿζ—₯γŠγ‚γ§γ¨γ†γ”γ–γ„γΎγ™ !!
ohno-kun thank you for stay strong for Arashi throught all the storm and the sunshine.
Thank you for not quiting Arashi.
Thank you for uphold Arashi as a Riida
I love you riida and all arashi member
And thank you for always think
I wish for your happiness riida
We still not sure what future hold for us
whatever it is i will wish the best for you and me
and for arashi fan

Thank you, and happy birthday
as usual...okaasan, ohno-kun itsumo undekurete arigatou =)

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Nino...otanjobee omedetou....stay bratty as usual....
to muslim.....salam ramadhan =)
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To all Malaysian... Happy Independent day !! Appreciate our harmony and celebrate our differences **

Matsujun...otanjobe omedeto...thank you for introduce your nakama too me...I love you and the rest arashi member...

Hontoni... arigato ^^

Music: Arashi...1 love
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Jul. 6th, 2013 11:54 pm
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Assalamualaikum. ...

.....the ramadhan is just around the corner. As muslim, I want to wish to everybody who celebrate it....happy fasting....may our prayer be answered by Allah.....

Marhaban ya Ramadhan^^

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Life in being hard in my side....but no rain no rainbow, rite? That the most catcha phrase that I'n using now..

Now, Malaysia time is 2.40am on 12 June 2013....I can't sleep.. I'm plan to after updating my lj^^

So, what I do to kill the time is...updating my arashi PV. Try to find good quality or HD PV w sub. I though I already had all arashi PV but suprisingly I don't had typhoon generation PV at all!!
Luckily I found one**,

And suprisingly.I got most hot arashi song in flv format which resolution about 240 pixel...sooo poor quality like Hero, Love soo Sweet....and most of them without sub...seriously...I need to find PV with more higher resolution and with sub as bonus...especially old PV.. need to start from scratch...

Ok..lah...need to sleep...tomorrow need to work.

Thank you for or willing to read this entrt. Good nite

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Here the case... one Indonesian fan selling subbing video in form of burned DVD and gain profit from can read it at B&C and transition101 community....

the effect is....most of community announce delay...close membership and plan for close community

effect to me??

I'm so devastated....and cry a lot....LJ is the only way that I can purely enjoyed arashi program....with SUB
I'm soooo piss off with the fan...WHO break the rules !! And I'm like people whom walking with no soul.....T T

I just see...this is the end, isn't it....the lj arashi fandom....
Seriously...I can't think optimistically now...
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Yay !! it's my birthday.....into my last 20th in my life......

I share my birthday with greatest individual and organization...too many but I list a few one^^

1. WHO ( World Health Organization)
- today also is world's health, take a good care of your own Arashi-chan also...yay^^

2. Jackie Chan
- he was also among my favourite Asian actor also...(but always be 1st in my heart...kyaa)

3. Russell Crowe
- I see his movies....a few is great movie....but I'm not into him.

Just share.....and for a whole my life I find more then 10 people with the same birthday...isn't normal?? I also not sure......

Sorry for random entry...I just too happy and want to share in lj.......and I want to thank my friends and family for the wishes....I just hope that today also is a HAPPY DAY for all of you....


I wish Arashi will come to Malaysia and I can go to their concert.....I wish......
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Hi....this is my 2nd post in this bad.....

I really hate to write...but I guess I need to....I don't want my lj full with spidey web...hahaha

well, saikin.....I really think how powerful the Arashi fandom community in lj...especially to the people like me...seriously....without them.....I can't really truly enjoy Arashi performance and variety show....although I had mention this in last post....I'm really love you all.....hontoni arigato....

lately, i'm also try search arashi fandom...outside lj...and I'm found few that I like....especially theasianpopculturist blog...

the writer is an entertainment journalist...and she herself is a BIG Arashi fan although she also comment about other Asian artis especially from Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, HK in her journal...and after read her article regarding the dark year of Arashi (2000-2005)....I feel totally wrong as Arashi's fan....after this 5 years being Arashi fan....only now I know about this facts.... you can check her full article in the link below....

and of course there are few her article in the blog regarding Arashi and her as the fan....quite can read there also......and after read most of the post....I'm think my feeling towards Arashi mostly same as her....and I like 'Aaaa..... I guess I'm not alone". and I really don't think I'm alone in this fandom...

and I remember what Aiba said not long time ago.......

"I want Arashi to become a group that will make our fans say,
"I'm glad I'm Arashi fan"

and I think that all of us will happily say it loud and proud....

"I'm glad I'm Arashi fan"

thank you for read this entry....see you again next time.....

p/s: Himitsu no Arashi-chan already end... I watch the episode without subtitle....and I cry ... a lot....especially when one by one member leave the house....Aiba-chan, Nino-chan, Sho-chan....good luck with all your solo MC variety programs.....although I like all Arashi to be MC in same show......but I guess we need to move forward, isn't?

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hi there...

well....i hope i'm not too late to wish you all happy new years !! Just finish watching arashi usual....there is no other word to describe their performance....they are TOOOOO AWESOME, dessho ^^......i always waiting every their life performance.....there always NEW thing they create that make us as fan awaiting for their next project

this my 5 years into arashi's fandom......i feel time going too fast...the love never die.....they still enlight me in everything i do....early this year, i got news the end of other their variety show.....himitsu no many fan, i'm quite shocked when i heard the news....but....there always END in every START....and i hope this END will become the STARTER of more awesomeness...and i had faith in them...

most of arashi community also start to closing down....or no longer active....the effect of copyright protection by japanese was the BIG FACTOR...most of the subber take the risk to spread the arashi love...but some of the fan take it for granted.....and most of us going older and older...our other commitment in life....make we lesser and lesser talk about lj.....but i hope our love for them not die.....

i admit, i also have some period in my life....that the love for them is reduced...but whenever i got problem...i always going HERE...and read other fan you all...althought i might not active commenter....

and for those who give their most precious TIME & COMMITMENT to sharing and spread arashi love.... i love you all SOOOO MUCH....

thank you again for willing to read this entry....and this love will never die.....arashian forever !!

p/s: i really jealous with kpop fan as their idol's country law is less restricted....and the fan can gain more accesibility to news, work, tv program....but we as arashi and jpop fan....need to do the same thing in silent....i really sure if the law is less restricted...there will be more arashian in this world...because they are humble and same time was awesome...

MOOD: grateful
MUSIC: Arashi-sketch
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Long time not updating my be honest, written task is not my favorite part. although I like to read what other's bad... **

Today, is about 1 week since I'm using galaxy note II. for me who previously a conventional hp user -just using hp for sms, call, snap some picture, definately smartphone is diffcult gadget to handle. but I try my best to learn.

past few is soo stressful for me....too many thing happen in my life and tooo many thing unexpectedly happened......I just wonder how I'm going to handle thing.but..I guess I just need to stand up back after being fall.wish me luck.....

k. just my random talk....already finish:
korean : gentleman dignity
Japan : rich man poor woman ( love the storyline)
yankee kun megane chan
mei kun butlers
nino 24hr sp drama ( nino love ur acting...I cry a
river !!! )

thank all...have a nice day

ps; awaiting POPCORN β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘
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